Grub grub

Grub Grub is a Goblin Underboss who, at one time, belonged to the nefarious Purple Claw. However, in recent years he and his small band of greedy and sniveling goblins had taken to robbing innocent passersby on a not-so-well traveled road. That is, until those innocent passersby were a group of Adventurers.

Slaughtering all of his kin but him, the adventurers looted Grub-Grubs mini-fortress, a converted shrine of Pelor and knocked him cold for questioning. For some reason or another, they grew fond of him (reverse Stockholm Syndrome? ) and now make him tag along with them wherever they go, lest he run off to his old superiors.

Bhar’Kesh has been attempting to convert him to Pelor with limited success. However, the great and kindly Dragonborn is patient, and Grub Grub recognizes that at least going through the morning rituals with the paladin is a good way to prevent the others from killing him just yet. At the moment he never leaves Bhar’Kesh’s side, except during combat, which he vehemently avoids, not being terribly brave.

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Grub grub

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