“Empires crumble. Nations rise and fall. Zealots preach and soldiers slaughter. Time passes, and each age leaves its mark upon the world. In turn, each age is marked by those whom are destined for greatness. Heroes. Villains. However they are remembered by history, I will always remember them for what they were: adventurers.”

-Fedwren Brushfeather

The world is broken. The great nations have fallen. For the first time in one thousand years there is a void of power. Remains of the previous empires lay scattered across an increasingly volatile wilderness. Arcane magics whiplash across the landscape, crackling through forest and dell, thundering across mountaintops, sweeping across oceans. The sentient races eke out a meager existence side-by-side with the monstrosities of the world. Dragons freely roam the skies, goblins build cities mere miles from ruined human capitals. The points of light in the world are slowly winking out, one by one. Like a flash flood the darkness pours across the world, engulfing all that stands before it. Someone, somehow, must stop it.

Welcome to Cascade.


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